Download Viber Messenger for Coolpad

Download Viber Messenger for Coolpad

Download Viber messenger for Coolpad Android smartphones. Viber has been used in several messaging apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, and BBM among others. This was following the world’s similar updates on WhatsApp on Ebola in the West Africa. It’s estimated that about 22,000 people signed up for the updates in affected areas which still continues to date.

Contrary to previous situations, the BBC has decided to use Viber messenger instead. This is attributed to the simplicity for publishing of the chats. Unlike with WhatsApp, it’s likely to publish from the computer, users do not necessarily have to add friends one at ago, and a single user can have access to various other users to control the account.

The BBC is designing to continue the effort for the next one month or even more. The Ebola plan on WhatsApp service was launched for approximately six weeks but in the case of Nepal, the BBC service has increased its life. Mr. Barot says they are going to emulate the Nepal project’s each week and monitor its progress. The initial weeks are intended by focusing on information that outlines how people can stay safe during the outcomes, mainly where relief is being provided, and the way people missing friends or relatives can try to locate them.

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