Download WhatsApp Messenger for Coolpad

Download WhatsApp Messenger for Coolpad

Download WhatsApp Messenger for Coolpad smartphones. As WhatsApp grows, more and more applications are being developed to help compliment it. Currently WhatsApp has over 800 million users. This means that those who develop these applications have a wide market that is willing to buy their products to improve their chatting experience. Today I will discuss one such app, WhatsApp Video Optimizer.

WhatsApp Video Optimizer was launched about three months ago by its developer Virgil Wilsterman. This application was designed for phones that use Windows. WhatsApp Messenger allows you to send video files that are no bigger than 16mb. WhatsApp Video Optimizer was designed to solve this problem for users who wish to send huge video files. To install WhatsApp Video Optimizer, get its apk from Windows store but it will cost you about 0.99 dollars. In addition, it is only compatible with Windows phone devices that use Windows 8.1 and above. Apart from allowing you to send huge files it has other features included and I will discuss some of them.

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